Monday, 9 January 2012

Unit Types

I have created a mish-mash of unit types. Each of these has slightly different characteristics. Along with rating each unit as Superior, Average or Inferior - and adding different attributes where necessary - allows me to create an army list quickly and easily but which still has a great deal of individuality.

Lore units

Lore units are powerful units that do not fit into the other categories. They have there own category so that rules that specifically affect troop units or characters do not apply to them.

Any god, demon or similarly powerful supernatural creature. Powerful, but will be driven off the field if it loses any combat. Will draw Lore Cards of a type dependant on the Deity's role - for instance a Fire God would draw Fire Lore Cards.

Similarly powerful to a Deity, but has a ranged attack to represent it's breath weapon as opposed to a Deity's Lore Cards.

A large, single airborne unit. Will either be of advanced technology or magically powered, but the results are treated the same either way.

A big, nasty critter. Giants, Trolls and the suchlike belong in the category.


Representing not just a single powerful individual but also, possibly, such things as a coven of witches or a hero and his entourage.

A warrior - the character type that excels at beating up the enemy. Normally draws Warrior Lore Cards to represent special abilities.

He has the strength of ten as his heart is pure. Also very resistant to opponent's Lore Cards. Powerful, but does not draw Lore Cards.

Any character that use stealth as opposed to muscle to achieve his ends. Thieves, rangers and assassins, for instance. Normally draws Stealth Lore Cards.

Sorcerers, get the drift. Normally draws Sorcery Lore Cards.

Priests and shaman. Resistant to opponent's Lore Cards, and normally draws Priest Lore Cards.

Cheap and rather useless on their own, but they do lend support to nearby units. Does not normally draw Lore Cards.

Troop units

The rank and file of an army.

Any aerial troops - from winged demons to swarms of bats.

Bog standard mounted troops. The mounts themselves do not matter, although troops mounted on more aggressive animals will tend to be graded as Superior troops.

Troops mounted on elephants, mammoths or similar creatures.

Troops in chariots. Nuff said.

Smaller creatures that fight in packs or swarms - lizards, rats and sabre-tooth tigers are examples that spring to mind from the army lists.

Foot troops fighting effectively with bladed, cutting or concussive weapons.

Foot troops armed with spears or pikes fighting as a shield wall or phalanx.

Foot troops armed with missile weapons fired as volleys from a distance.

Catapults ranging in size from a ballista to a trebuchet, and weapons of a similar effect.

Troops that lurk in dark corners and try to take the enemy by surprise. Scouts and some creepy crawlies  can fall into this category.

Peasants, zombies and anyone else fighting by force of numbers rather than any real skill. There's an almost limitless supply of them!

Foot troops armed with missile weapons but fighting up close in a loose formation, ready to run away from a combat they're not winning.

War Wagons
War Wagons, battle towers, steam tanks and the like. Fairly hard and they have a ranged attack.

Mounted Archers
The mounted equivalent of Skirmishers.

Like cavalry, but most effective when charging. 

Fierce tribal warriors. Like Knights, most effective when charging.

Foot troops armed with handguns. muskets or something similar. They are slightly more effective than Shooters but cannot move and fire in the same turn.

Bombards and big guns. Slightly longer ranged and more effective than artillery.

They've got grenades and they know how to use them. Kind of. Dangerous to all around them.

Historically this would cover scythed chariots and the like, but expanded here to include Goblin Steam Cars and anything else that you would point at the enemy and let go.

Lightly equipped close combat troops, good performers in bad going and capable of evading close combat.

Army supplies. Gives a small bonus to an army if in play, but also gives the opposing army victory points if destroyed.

And finally four ship units of increasing size, included for beach landing scenarios and the added bonus of naval battles when the full campaign gets going:


You may notice that Commander is not listed as a troop type. The Commander must be nominated from the units in the army. and may be any unit allowed by a given army list.


  1. Peasent virgin sacrifices for the dragons? Or can I kidnap an opposing feminine aristocrat?

    Maybe spice the meat with an industrial laxative and start a trend towards chemical warfare

  2. One unit of peasants (A Horde unit) vs a Dragon is not far off a sacrifice. And one of the Sorcery Lore cards does allow you to kidnap an opposing character. I CAN make your dreams come true!