Sunday, 15 January 2012

First Battle Report - Is that a fat lady I hear in the distance?

And the first big name goes down!

The Dwarf Runemaster - no longer with a unit since it was massacred last turn - can't survive one point of damage on his own. That's the first character to be lost.

The Dwarf Commander's unit falls around him - he surely can't hold on much longer.

He's surrounded by four of my units. The unit he's leading is destroyed, leaving him on his own.

That Commander's gone mental! He's hacking the Goblins to bits!

Finally, the Dwarf Commander has some Lore cards he can use - Bezerk and Strength, and hacks one Goblin unit plus the accompanying drummer to bits. A little pride salvaged there! It's still 37 to 9 in Victory Points though.

The weather god around here must be a Dwarf supporter, as fog settles on the land again. 3 units of Goblin cavalry hit a unit of Dwarf Spearmen from behind, shattering it completely. And with that, what little remains of the Dwarf army skulks away from the field under cover of fog. What a hammering!

Final score, a Goblin Victory 42.5 points to 9.


  1. Brutal! But then again, I'd rather ride an ostrich into battle than a cow.

    Did the massacre surprise you?

  2. I didn't quite know what to expect. The rules worked very well overall, but there are one or two balance issues with the Command Cards. The non-player side needs a few more advantages, but I think I can cover that by modifying the Command Card deck. It was still an enjoyable game though - and for a first play test I'm very pleased.