Sunday, 15 January 2012

First Battle Report - Early Turns

It's a miserable, overcast day on the Catarrh Plains with just a hint of mist shrouding the battlefield. The Goblins, keen as ever for some bloodshed, start their advance with the Ostrich Riders on the left wing. And those careless Wolf Ride scouts that went missing on the eve of battle show up just in time to join the fun.

As I won scouting I get the first turn. The event card came up as Blood Lust - any destroyed units count for double Victory Points this turn. Unlikely to have any effect this early in the game. I used a Deployment Command Card to place a my late -returning scouts on the board. The Deployment card allows another Command Card to be played. I advanced my left flank cavalry. I plan to hold my centre units back as I'm not convinced that they can take on the Dwarves and win. Skirmish on the flanks, let the Dwarves come to me and hold the Giant Spider and Wolf Riders in reserve to counter attack.

The Dwarves plod straight down the middle of the field. The Dwarf Crossbowmen on the left flank open up on the Ostrich Riders and draw first blood!

Combat roll was a 1. With the Dwarves' 1 point superiority in tactical factors, this results in a point of damage to the Goblin unit, and it makes an evade move away from the shooters. Gosh darn it.

What is the Goblin Commander doing? He seems to be more interested in picking his nose than commanding an army!

The event card was Distracted. My army does not have a leader this turn. Not a disaster - it might be if the commander was in the thick of things though.

The Goblins continue their cavalry advance on the left flank. The Dwarf Cattle Riders move up alongside the infantry line, while the Crossbowmen rain down more death and destruction on the Ostrich Riders.

In a repeat performance, I rolled a 1 again.

Now either we're quite far north, or these lazy soldiers didn't get out of bed till rather late as it's getting dark out there.

Event card is Nightfall. As both sides have the Night Craft attribute, they can see in the dark and aren't affected.

There's some more skirmishing on the left flank, and the Dwarf advance pivots to face the outflanking attempt.

The Ostrich Riders finally do a little damage, shooting at a unit of Dwarf Spearmen. I was nearly in a position to attack the flanks of the main Dwarf line, but that plan has been scuppered. I need to get the other flank moving. I have an advantage at the moment as there are 3 Dwarf Units in reserve. I need to make the numerical superiority pay off before they get on the table.

And finally some action from the big critter as the Giant Spider starts skittering toward the Dwarves.

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