Sunday, 15 January 2012

First Battle Report - Crunch Time

And I do believe the Goblins have finally sprung their trap! The Dwarf flanks are under considerable pressure. Those 'lil bearded tough guys are falling by the dozen!

I had an Envelope Command Card and ordered two units on each flank. Those pesky Dwarf Crossbowmen were hit by four cavalry units, were pushed out of the walled field they were hiding in and took a couple of points of damage. On the other flank, the Giant Spider kicked the doo-doo out of the Cattle Riders, who are also now stuck to the spot with spider web.

Those Cattle Riders are spider food!

Next turn, and the Giant Spider finishes off the Cattle Riders. Dwarves shouldn't have cavalry anyway. They don't now!  First VPs go to me. On the other flank the Dwarf Crossbowmen hold on, pushing back a Goblin Ostrich Rider unit which now has 3 points of damage. I'll need to withdraw it ASAP.

It's not just dark - a thick fog has descended onto the battlefield. I can't see a doggone thing out there!

The event card triggered a change in the weather. Visibility is now 1 hex, even for creatures with night vision. No ranged combat now, not that it will matter much the way things are.

The Dwarf Crossbowmen are making their mothers proud! But a minor catastrophe for the Dwarf army as their baggage is chewed up by the Giant Spider.

Those [expletive deleted] crossbowmen won't die. On the other hand, more victory points for taking out the Dwarf baggage.

Did you think those Dwarves would roll over and die? No siree they won't! The Dwarf commander urges his troops forward. And those Crossbowmen, not just holding their own but kicking some Goblin butt.

Since charging those crossbowmen I've rolled a 1 or 2 for every combat involving them. One unit of Ostrich Riders bites the dust - the first VPs for the Dwarves. The Dwarf command card is Follow Me, and all the Dwarf units within 2 hexes of the commander move onward. A unit of Dwarf Spearmen hit the Wolf Riders and do some damage.

That fog can't like it round here - it's gone already. The Goblins must see that as an omen - their centre line, stationary until now, screeches defiance and crashes into the advancing Dwarves.

The event card changed the weather back to clear again. I had an Onslaught Command Card - order foot troop units with a +1 combat bonus this turn. I'm still taking a risk - those Dwarf units are quite hard - but what the heck.

Those Crossbowmen have finally fallen to the cavalry. They may be vertically challenged, but they have more valour than thee and me put together! Songs will be written about this, their final day.

About time too.

The Dwarf centre has crumbled under the assault! The Commander fights valiantly on, but around him Dwarves fall left and right. It's slaughter.

The only combat I lost was against the unit led by Dwarf Commander. Two other Dwarf units were killed outright. I rolled 8s on the combat dice! That leaves me 25-3 up in VPs.

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