Sunday, 15 January 2012

First battle report: the scenario

Hmm, what to do. I think I'll pick a "Recon" posture, select as many scouts as I can and hope for an ambush scenario.

The Dwarves, despite having a cautious commander, roll up a "Attack" posture.

I have 20 units in my Goblin army. That means I can pick up to 6 units to scout.

Lizard Riders, Ostrich Riders and Wolf Riders as scouts. 14 scouting points for troops, nothing for the commander, and a die roll of 2 for a scouting total of 16.

The Dwarves have 14 units. That's 4 units in the scouting pool. The Cattle Riders, both Crossbow units and a unit of Swordsmen. Rolling for each unit gets the Cattle Riders and 1 Crossbow unit scouting. 3 scouting points for troops. 2 for the commander and a die roll of 1 for a scouting total of 6.

Referring to the scenario generator it's a straightforward pitched battle, then. If I had rolled a 4 or more instead of a 2 I would have had my ambush. Having outscouted my opponent I will deploy my troops second.

Did anything happen to my scouts?

One unit of Lizard Riders is delayed, one unit of Wolf Riders misses the battle.

And the dwarf scouts?

One Crossbow unit is delayed.

And the terrain?

Wasteland. That may help my Goblins.

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