Saturday, 21 January 2012

Not much to report.

I've been rather poorly with an inner ear infection that hasn't been responding to treatment, so I haven't made much progress over the last week.

I have received a lot of boxes of 1/72 scale plastic figures - Orcs, Undead, Adventurers, Saracens, English Civil War Royalist Infantry, Aztecs, Hussites and Armed Peasants - which are slowly being painted up between dizzy spells!

I've also finalized the rules modifications after my first play test:

Seven Command Cards have been amended to allow the non-player army to deploy off-table troops in addition to the cards' normal function.

If the non-player army draws a Command Card which means that no units can be ordered this turn, the card is discarded immediately and another one is drawn. This may seem like an obvious rule, but as many of the Command Cards allow the non-player army to perform additional actions I thought it unnecessary for play balance.

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