Sunday, 15 January 2012

First Battle Report - Set Up

Good afternoon ladies and gentlebeings. Welcome to the first battle report of the season, live from the Wastelands of Catarrh. I am your commentator for today, Arthur Braincell.

Today's report is being beamed directly into your head courtesy of the Wizard's Guild of Arcadia. Please remember to renew your subscriptions, folks. You know what the Guild does to defaulters.

The Dwarf army has cautiously advanced into the Goblin-infested wastelands, hoping to get revenge for last year's home defeat to the Goblin hordes.

The battlefield is as sparse as you would expect for a wasteland. There are a few rocky areas strewn around, but the main objects to be aware of are a handful of chasms that could prove deadly for anyone foolish enough to attempt a crossing.

The Dwarf army has deployed it's small but powerful force centrally. Presumably, they believe that concentrating their already formidable troops will render their advance unstoppable.

The Goblin army has deployed across a wide front, with cavalry and light troops on the flanks. My money's on the Goblins using their numerical superiority in an attempt to encircle the Dwarves.

We seem to have some technical problems with the scrying. We'll be right back after this commercial break...

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