Monday, 6 February 2012

Play Test Mark 2, in which I take a pasting...

The Armies.

I am the Breton army, which is patterned on the medieval French and heavy on Knights, both mounted and foot.

The enemy is an Undead army. Zombies, Skeletons and Wraiths.

The Scenario.

An assault game, with the Undead on the defensive, attempting to hold onto a stronghold (represented by a graveyard!). I deploy first, across a wide front with the foot knights opposite the stronghold and cavalry units positioned for a flanking attempt.

The Undead huddle around their graveyard.

What happened?

I lost a couple of units early on, terrified by the Undead they bolt off the table. The Undead army screens it's stronghold with a bunch of Zombie units. I finally manage to punch through the Zombies, but not without the loss of another couple of units. The only one of my units to reach the enemy stronghold is a unit of foot knights led by the Breton king. They promptly get butchered by the Wraiths and Wraith Lord guarding the graveyard.

That ended the game in a heavy loss, 42 VPs to 12. I still enjoyed that battle, despite the defeat. I'm also rather pleased that this system can give me a run for my money!

Where did I go wrong? I needed to concentrate my forces more on the stronghold.

What did I like about the battle?

- Until the last 2 turns, the game was in the balance.
- The Necromancy Lore cards had an effect on the game but not in an unbalanced way.
- The rebalancing of the Command Cards after the last play test worked well.

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